Finally got it!
"The item is great! Very good quality. Apparently the communications were compromised so I didn’t get the product for a while longer. However I was apologised to and was given a few extra bonuses! I’m happy! "
Dean L.
Quality item
"Looks like good quality "
aldo s.
Resistance Bands Ultimate Workout System
"Good bands. Use them every day. Great to take away on holiday."
Dean Z.
Great Product
"Great product and great help"
Matthew S.
Hi there, the bands are
"Hi there, the bands are fantastic, but I never received the option 1 -6 week workout plan. if it contained more exercise routines I suppose it would of been handy."
Lenny R.
We will make sure we get you the program asap! - Resistance Bands Australia
Great Quality!
"Super good quality, perfect little carry bag and perfect size for assisted pull ups/ chin ups. "
Great Product
"Product is great - Buying process was easy - Delivery was delayed and I wasn't informed until I reached by myself the RBA support by email- Got the delivery with a nice little bonus to compensate for the delay a few days later, all good - Great customer service, Thank you very much."
Marc S.
"Great their is no gym at the camp I am so this works really well for me in my room and am surprise how good of a work out I get"
Ralph H.
Quality Product and Good Customer Service
"The band has been great and the customer service was fantastic. Got hooked up with some extras after there was an issue with the shipping and had the problem resolved very quickly. "
Christopher F.
"Full body functional workout. Quality bands easy to add resistance. More anchor options would be nice eg straps, slings or loops to connect to racks, poles, trees etc. overall awesome and I would recommend great quality and value 👍"
David S.
Great quality
"Works really well excellent quality item"
Sharon W.
Resistance Bands - Advanced Pro Loop Functional Training Package
"Items supplied are all good quality items and I am happy with the purchase. Prices were fantastic as well as compared to other retailers. Shipping was however delayed due to some system glitch."
Swapnil N.
Quality product
"This is a quality product, far superior to others on the market."
Lara T.
Great experience with ordering through Resistance bands australia
"Great experience with ordering through Resistance bands australia. Fast shipping and the product is top quality. Thanks again"
Beata G.
Great product
"The resistance bands are of great quality, there was some delays on postage and the staff were very helpful in correcting the issue and getting the bands straight out to me. Just waiting now on the carry bag for my straps as these weren’t in stock."
Peter T.
Love our new resistance bands package!
"Love our new resistance bands package! didn't realise you can do so much with this system! Top quality and the shipping was super fast. We had a great experience with this company and will send people your way! Thanks again"
George S.
Shipped within 2 days!
"The guys delivered on the shipment within 2 days. Such great service and i have been smashing these bands for weeks now and no worries with the quality! Highly recommend "
Mark G.
Great quality resistance bands
"The band system i bought really have been a great buy! I've bought a set off amazon earlier this year and they broke within a week of using them so I went with an Australian company seeing they have been in business for years and really glad i did! pay the extra and get quality products. "
Julie P.
Such fast shipping for this time of year!
"I was presently surprised to received our new workout bands within 3 days and have been using the bands for 3 weeks now and loving them! Thanks again for providing fast shipping and we will be back in the new year to grab some power bands. highly recommend"
Joey B.
Highly recommend this company!
"Thanks for putting together such a great full body workout package! We have been working out on equipment for 2 months now and they are looking and feeling like new. Thanks to the workout program it comes with I've lost 8 kgs in 8 weeks! I can't recommend this product enough. 2 of my friends have already purchased since. "
Sarah W.
Best quality product!
"Best quality product and top level customer service. Thanks again for helping us decide on this workout system. It's been so great for us and the exercise program and nutrition guides have been such a bonus. I will be sure to send my friends and family to purchase from your company. "
Shane W.
For this time of shipping!
"For this time of shipping! The product as a set is amazing. I’ve used the tubes bands before which are great but these power bands now give me a different feel and the workout program that comes with the higher purchase is very well put together. Highly recommend purchasing from this company. 👍"
Matthew M.
Fast shipping and excellent quality product
"Fast shipping and excellent quality product and the team helped me decide what i needed for my needs! highly recommend!"
Resistance Bands
"Use these bands in gym so now can do the same, as well as other, exercises at home. Easy and gentle to use. "
Doreen M.
Resistance Bands
"Fantastic bands for an overall workout. Really great to take on holidays to keep up training while not at the gym. "
Ann C.
A very happy customer
"I was looking for portable exercise equipment for use when traveling and found the mini loop resistance bands online. The bands are just what are needed especially where gyms are unavailable and where exercise space is small eg a sleeper in a train. Also, there’s not too many types of exercise equipment which is only the size of two folded T-shirts. The bands are a high quality product. I was also very happy that I could make the purchase through an Australia company and as a bonus that the advertised 3 band set was upgraded to a 5 band set."
Mini Loop Resistance Bands
"This is a great way to take your exercise anywhere. Easy to use. No set up required. Personally, I am more likely to exercise using this simple and effective method."
Ann K.
Mini Loop Resistance Bands
"Before finally making the purchase, I'd been thinking about buying the bands for a few months as I dislike buying goods on the internet. I need to exercise at least 30 minutes each day. The bands are an opportunity to exercise when I travel - very little space is required for a full work out and the bands take up hardly any room in the luggage (less than a hand towel). I was very pleased with the quality of the bands & I received an "upgrade" from 3 to 5 bands - a nice surprise. It will take me awhile to work through the bands' grades but this has nothing to do with the very positive shopping experience: I received exactly what was advertised & within a few days of placing the order. Also, I'm so pleased with the opportunity to buy from an Australian on-line company."
Shirley W.
"Good. Would be good to recieve more information regarding proper use."
Tom M.
Resistance bands
"Product was good and reasonably priced comparatively but the experience was very much let down by the poor communication and a delivery that took over a month. "
Grant E.