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Exercise Loop bands is a versatile tool for strength training, muscle toning, and overall fitness improvement. Here's a routine prepared by DNA Fitness, which you can follow.


1. Side Stepping Lounge  
2. Shoulder Rotations 
3. Triceps Pull
4. Leg Kicks
5. Seated Low Rows 
6. Bicep Curls
7. Jumping Squats
8. Bent Leg Kickbacks
9. Straight Leg Kickbacks
10. Power Jacks 

You can get your own set of LOOP BANDS from Resistance Bands Australia.


- 3 top quality, 99% latex free bands measuring 2” x 10” (~5 x 25cm) in length: Yellow (light), Blue (medium), Green (heavy) 

 - Includes a carry bag and starter guide

For more information on these products, visit our website at, where you can place your order with ease. If you have any questions about the best resistance bands Australia, feel free to give us a call on 1300 794 901 or speak to us via our live chat on our website.



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