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Fast swimmers have undeniable power and speed. They also have developed upper body strength, leg strength, and core strength. Here are 12 exercises you can follow to improve your performance in the pool:


1. Underhand toss: Improves upper arms and core strength

2. Overhead toss: Upper-arms strength is more crucial in this workout. The overhead toss helps develop power in the initial portion of the catch, which is necessary when performing freestyle, butterfly, and breaststroke.

3. Throw down toss: This is helpful for improving speed, power, and proper arm position when pulling underwater. This is most relevant for freestyle and butterfly strokes.

4. Sit ups toss: When the catch is being initiated, core and upper arm strength are being developed. This exercise also improves power. You may also opt for one-hand sit ups to improve balance and individual arm strength.


STRETCH CORD (aka. Resistance Bands)

This is a great tool to build power useful for all four swimming strokes.

5. Butterfly simulation (tube band)

6. Breaststroke simulation (tube band)

7. Scapula (therapy band): Pull the shoulders back to bring scapula together. Hold this position for a few seconds and repeat. This external rotation exercise improves freestyle, butterfly, and back strokes.

8. Core hold (therapy band): Using a therapy band, twist the core slightly and hold for 30 seconds to a minute.


Tube Resistance Bands

Therapy Resistance Bands



9. Roundhouse: This helps develop speed, rotational power, and rotational strength. It also simulates the freestyle motion while developing power and speed.

10. Windmill: Improves full shoulder rotations and shoulder-muscle strength.

11. Combination (2 roundhouse and 2 uppercuts): Helps develop power, speed, and leg drive.

12. Quick speed boxing drill


Watch the full workout demonstration below:


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