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Resistance training is a comprehensive and ideal fitness solution for strength training, rehabilitation, physical therapy, general exercise, Pilates exercises, muscle toning, muscle stretching, and weight loss.

Resistance bands is a common favourite exercise equipment. It's portable and versatile--it can be used literally anywhere, anytime! 

Bands can replicate virtually any functional movement. Not only does it add challenge to your typical push ups, squats, etc., but using it also creates better and faster results.

Here is a 13-minute routine to tone and strengthen your muscles. Grab a therapy band and have fun!

Bands are usually classified into 4 popular categories: tube bands, power bands, loop bands, and therapy bands.

Therapy Bands

- An all-around band commonly used for physical therapy, aerobics, pilates, etc.
- Comes in light, medium, and heavy resistance

Tube Bands

Bands have handles on each side
- Resistance Bands Australia offers single tube bands (i.e. the blue band below) and sets of stackable bands (ie. The Ultimate Resistance System below)
- Different coloured bands represent varying weights


Power Bands

- It's like a giant rubber band
- Often used for Crossfit exercises, assists, etc.
- Almost all tube band exercises can be replicated with power bands
- Different coloured bands represent varying widths ranging from 64mm, 44mm, 29mm, 19mm, and 12mm
- Each band measures 104cm in length

Loop Bands

- Commonly used for lower body exercises like glutes, hips, etc.
- Comes in light, medium, and heavy resistance




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