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Strength and stability don't magically happen overnight. It requires hard work and dedication. Likewise, pro surfers don't just become pros overnight--they exert heaps of effort to achieve the physical and mental strength they need before riding the waves. Here are 20 surfing exercises that you can do to improve your paddling strength and overall stability:

Read the full workout instructions here:

The exercises included are:

1) Bosu ball surf crouches
2) Bosu ball, medicine ball wood chops
3) Bosu ball dumbbell press
4) Bosu ball kettle bell clean and press
5) One arm lateral pull downs 
6) Tricep pulls
7) Bosu ball kettle bell swing
8) TRX suspended push ups
9) TRX role out
10) TRX squat row
11) TRX one arm rotation rows
12) Bosu ball bent arm row
13) Bosu ball push ups
14) Bosu ball dumbbell reverse fly (3 variations)
15) Paddle pulls rows with resistance bands
16) Bosu ball weighted lunge
17) Weighted paddle
18) Bosu ball/ medicine ball twist lunges
19) One arm dumbbell paddle
20) Medicine ball alternative twist lunges


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