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3 Advantages of Resistance Band Exercises VS Free Weights Exercises

Although many would say that resistance bands are good alternatives for free weights, there are a couple of differences between exercise bands exercises and free weights.


Unlike free weights, rubber bands exercises do not require gravity. Free weights, which is a gravity-based exercise equipment, is generally limited to vertical movements. Therefore, free weight exercises cannot directly reach all the muscle groups in the body. On the other hand, tube bands enable more movements due to the elasticity. Consequently, band exercises are more effective for reaching and directly targeting more muscle groups.

Fitness bands are more helpful for creating lasting tension in the specific areas that you are working out on. On the other hand, free weights tend to just add more load to the exercise.

Bands exercises are common for physical therapy and injury rehabilitation since it causes a higher degree of end range stabilization, which causes less impact on joints. On the other hand, gravity-based equipment like free weights tends to create pressure on joints due to the gravity’s pull.


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