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Why should seniors consider training with resistance bands?

#1 They can train anywhere (instead of having to drive to a fitness centre)

Unlike dumbbells, kettle bells, and other gym equipment, bands are lightweight and portable. Seniors wouldn't have to drive to the gym or take a class. They'd simply take the band with them and exercise wherever they want, including the privacy of their own homes.

#2 They can train with varying strength levels with just one band (instead of having to use more than 1 dumbbell)

Bands are very versatile. It provides a large resistance variability, depending on your range of motion. Consequently, seniors can train with varying levels without having to go from one equipment to another. This is, therefore, a very efficient tool to being fit!

#3 They can perform multiple exercises that improve their overall health and fitness

Once again, bands are very versatile. The varying movements and exercises you can perform with bands enable seniors to improve their core strength, low-level agility, balance, flexibility, cardio, etc.

Resistance band training is very convenient, efficient, and challenging!

Check out this quick resistance workout and give it a try!

 You can also follow a full-length workout like the one below. :)


Tube Resistance Bands


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