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Anxiety is tiring. Not only does it harm your thoughts, but it can also harm you physically. Anxious people tend to lose sleep, get sick, and become inactive. The good news, however, is that there are ways to help relieve anxiety, whether it's clinical or emotional. Here's how:

#1 Share your story

Opening up is the first step to recovery. One of the factors that turns worries to full-blown anxiety is brooding. As soon as you're worried about something, it's advisable for you to share your problem with someone so you can express yourself and get advice. On the other hand, if you have been keeping your problem for a long time (ie. months or years) and are already experiencing anxiety and depression, just remember that it's not too late to heal. Share your story. Find a trustworthy friend and humble yourself to speak. Opening up is actually a humbling and liberating experience.

#2 Keep yourself busy

Boredom is dangerous. Anxiety causes you to imagine terrible things, and when prolonged it may lead to terrible actions. So step out. Even when you don't feel like it, you have to get up. Remember, your emotions will follow your actions. Create a weekly routine: look for weekly bible studies and workout sessions. Look for a community where you will grow. Be careful with what you expose yourself to because in this moment of fragility, "little things" like social drinking can snowball into something worse.

#3 Seek help

Sick people need a doctor. Similarly, when you feel sick (mentally or emotionally) help is needed. Anxiety is a serious matter, and unfortunately peace of mind doesn't always happen overnight. Inner peace is a fruit of a settled heart. Thus we get to the core matter: How is your heart?

Anxiety may be a heart problem. Perhaps you can reflect on these questions to better understand your heart:
- What are you anxious about?
- Why does it make you anxious?

Once you've reflected on these questions, seek counselling. You may look for a mentor, a doctor, or even a pastor. Whoever you go to for help, just remember that your main issue is the heart--for the worried mind is just a byproduct of a troubled heart. Moreover, it would be wise to regularly meet with your counsellor. This aids trust, accountability, and friendship.

Lastly, you may also read helpful books such as inspirational autobiographies, self-help, and the bible. :)



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