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#1 Versatile

With bands, you are able to replicate any functional movement. Unlike other equipment that can only target specific muscle groups (ie. leg curl machines, cable pulley machines, etc), it can workout virtually every muscle group because it can be used in various ways. 

#2 Lightweight and portable

Unlike dumbbells, kettle bells, metal plates, etc., resistance band exercises do not depend on gravity for resistance. Instead it creates resistance through its elasticity. Therefore, bands are not heavy. This makes it easy to store and carry around. Just chuck it in your bag and you're good to go!

Note: This is a must have for travellers!

#3 Targets every muscle group

As mentioned earlier, bands are very versatile. There are different weights that you can use--there are light and heavy bands. Light bands are useful for small muscle groups while heavier bands are great for bigger muscle groups. A bunch of weight lifters, body builders, and Crossfit enthusiasts incorporate resistance bands in their workouts. In fact, Megan Hayden, a fitness trainer in the US, shared:

“Nine out of 10 times you'll see me in the gym wearing resistance bands like stacking bracelets up my arms.”

She adds that if you move at a fast pace with little or no rest, you'd be able to elevate your heart rate and create a fat-burning cardio exercise.

#4 Safe for rehabilitation

Aside from athletes and gym junkies, bands are also widely used by those recovering from injury. Compared to other equipment, bands are safer to use since it doesn't create as much pressure joints. Plus, since it is elastic it causes a higher degree of and range stabilisation.

Check out this workout!

 Equipment used:

Loop Resistance Bands

Tube Stackable Resistance Bands



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