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Have you ever felt like you're stuck in a cycle where you really want to shape up but your workout routine (as well as your diet) is just way too inconsistent? Many people get trapped in an unintended yo-yo diet because their 'commitment' to healthy eating gets conflicted with parties or events where it's hard to say no to food. Indeed, food is AMAZING but it isn't always our best friend when we're faced with the scale.

We need order! How exactly can we step our foot down to really live a healthy lifestyle? Here are a few tips from Remee Patel of BuzzFeed:

Remee underwent a 12-week weightlifting program that focused on compound movements. Hakim Medfai was her trainer. The results are outstanding!


#1: Focus on compound movement exercises

Compound movement are exercises that involve more than one muscle group at a time. According to Madfai, it stimulates the most amount of muscles with one movement and therefore builds more lean mass than isolation exercises.

Examples of compound exercises: 

-Squats: Targets the big muscles (i.e. the glutes and quads) and the core muscles
-Deadlifts: Targets virtually every muscle in the body, most especially on your posterior chain (i.e. glutes and hamstrings)


#2 Get into weight training

Weight training will build your strength and it is the best way to transform your physique. 

"Running burns calories, and yoga will improve your mobility, but nothing transforms the physique quite like weight training. It is the key to lasting results, not to mention the multitude of health and hormonal benefits of being strong." - Medfai


-Up the weights: the key to getting stronger is getting out of your comfort zone and upping the weights every week
-Don't be routinary: If you do the same thing over and over again, your body will adapt and stop changing (this makes your exercise completely obsolete)


#3 Fix your diet

Quit the yo-yo diet. You have to stay consistent. If you really want to see changes in your physique, you may opt for carb-cycling. This is a kind of diet that enables you to eat varying amounts if carbs each day, which primarily consists of lean meats, healthy fats, and vegetables.


#4 Stay accountable

It's easier to stick to your diet when you have a buddy whom you can vent to when times get tough (i.e. there's a pizza party in your office but you can't eat pizza). An accountability partner can be your trainer, sibling, or friend. Whoever he/she is, they will be helpful by encouraging you when you're struggling with your commitment to healthy living and by restricting you from doing anything dumb. They're the people you wouldn't want to let down.


#5 Take your eyes off the scale and start looking at your body fat and lean mass percentage 

Muscle is heavier than fat. When you lose fat and replace it with muscle, the scale will say that you've gotten heavier--but it doesn't mean you've gotten bigger! Yet many women panic when they see such weight gain. At the end of the day what matters is your body fat percentage, which isn't measured by a weighing scale.



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