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- When you neglect your posture, you invite chronic back pain
- Maintaining the natural lumbar curve in your low back is essential to preventing posture-related back pain
- This natural lumbar curve works as a shock absorber, helping to distribute weight along the length of your spine
- Adjusting postural distortions can help stop back pain. 

Prevent the following: 
- Rounding your low back while sitting for extended periods of time
- Standing for hours stooped over
- Sleeping improperly
- Lifting poorly

Exercises you should start doing:
Listed below are 6 quick and easy realignment exercises to reeducate your muscles from getting stuck in a hunched over cave man position!

1) Chin Tuck
This helps reverse forward-head posture by strengthening the neck muscles

2) Wall Angels

3) Doorway Stretch
This loosens the tight chest muscles

4) Hip Flexor Stretch


Important! Performing this simple resistance band exercise 2 minutes a day, five times a week, will significantly decrease your neck and shoulder pain and improve your posture.


The following exercises require Therapy Resistance Bands and Tube Bands.


5) The X-Move with Therapy Resistance Bands
This exercise strengthens your upper back muscles, especially the ones between your shoulder blades (the rhomboids).

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6) The V-Move with Tube Resistance Bands

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Learn how to perform each exercise here:



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