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So you finally got your set of resistance bands delivered to you...what's next?

Buying fitness bands is easy but actually using it is the challenge. How the heck should you exercise with it?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, here's some fun facts about exercise resistance bands:

- It is commonly used for strength training, muscle toning, and weight loss
- Many athletes commend it for speed and power improvement
- It is lightweight and portable (you can bring it wherever you go!)
- It varies in resistance levels (you can determine the weight of each band by its colour)
- It can be used with other equipment, therefore achieving two exercises at once

CHOOSING A BAND: Find your resistance level

There are different resistance levels per band. What weight are you using? Most brands colour-code their bands. For instance, the Ultimate Resistance System by Resistance Bands Australia colour-codes their bands accordingly:

Yellow: 2 - 4kg
Green: 3.5 - 5.5kg
Red: 5 - 8kg
Blue: 6.5 - 9kg
Black: 8.5 - 12.5kg
Orange: 10 - 15.5kg
Purple ~15 - 20.5kg

You can start with the lightest exercise tube band. If you want to challenge yourself, you can either advance to a heavier band or you can clip 2 bands together.

GETTING STARTED: Plan your routine

There are a bunch of exercise videos that you can follow! You can easily search for workouts targeting specific muscle groups like the glutes, arms, back, etc. You can also search for full-body workouts. Here's a fun routine that you can start with!

You can also plan which muscle groups to workout per day. For instance:

Mondays: Shoulders + Abs
Tuesday: Back
Wednesday: REST
Thursday: Abs + Chest
Friday: Legs
Saturday: Arms + Abs
Sunday: REST

You can start small then go full throttle once you get the grind. It's all about progress, not perfection!


Just follow the routine you made, and remember: NO PAIN NO GAIN. You gotta commit. But don't forget to rest. Rest is just as important as spending time in the gym.


It's always motivating to treat yourself after achieving a fitness goal. For example, if you aimed to lose 10 pounds in 1 month--and you actually did it!--go ahead and buy your reward. It could be a new set of trainers or a sports bra. Whatever it is, just make sure your reward will still point you to your fitness goal.

Keep these in mind and you will find yourself strong and healthy in no time!


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