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Not everyone is born into a health-conscious community. Drugs, alcohol, and junk food have become staples and its intake only increased over the years. In fact, many people today are suffering from drug overdose, alcohol-dependency, and obesity.

It's important to hear about the journeys of those who were able to move on from such an unhealthy lifestyle. There are many things to pick up and apply in our lives from the wisdom overcomers obtained from their time of transition. For instance, Stephen Odom--a man from Houston who suffered from drug dependency and other health issues--advised 6 tips (which he learned first-hand) to promote lifestyle change:

1. Reward yourself
2. Focus on the short-term goal
3. Start small
4. Learn how to cook healthy meals you enjoy
5. Do thinks that will build your self-esteem when you feel down
6. Reward yourself for a job well done

Photos courtesty of Stephen Odom and Mitch Frink Photography / Via

This list is just an overview. Click HERE to read more about Odom's story and how he was about to quit drugs, alcohol, junk food, as well as lose 125 pounds.


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