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A torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is a second or third degree sprain that affects the knee joint. Those who suffer from ACL injury usually feel discomfort on their knees (knee is unstable and can buckle), especially while undergoing physical activities like walking and running.

The ACL is one of the 4 knee ligaments that stabilises the knee joint. It keeps the knee from rotating when a person pivots. An ACL tear or sprain occurs with a sudden change in direction or pivot against a locked knee. The injured person would feel a sudden pop, followed by pain and swelling.

Physical therapy is very crucial for ACL injury rehabilitation. Resistance bands are often used for this purpose. The bands aid muscle strengthening that help keep the knee in tact. The video below demonstrates 2 exercises for ACL treatment: 1) Ankle stretches and 2) Pulsing Ankle Stretches


Loop Bands from Resistance Bands Australia


ACL treatment usually takes months (some even require surgery). It's best to consult a doctor for thorough evaluation. 


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