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Amanda Seyfried is a hollywood icon known for films like Mamma Mia!, Dear John, In Time, Les Miserables, Ted, The Last Word, and a whole lot more. She rocks the cinema screens with her versatility and raw passion for acting. Not only that, but she has kept herself in shape all throughout her career (she just gave birth a few months earlier by the way!)

Lacey Stone has trained Amanda for years. She has made multiple routines, but one of which is our favourite: the Full Body Resistance Band Workout

There are 5 resistance moves to follow:
- Booty Shuffle (10-15 reps) 
- Core Rotation (10-15 reps in each direction) 
- Bicep Shoulder Combo (10-15 reps) 
- Triceps Pulse (10-15 reps)
- Booty Side-Kick (10-15 reps)

Watch this video for a full demonstration:

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