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Whether it's up north or down south, there are definitely awesome places to visit in Australia! Have you ever travelled on a camel's back? Or how about savouring nature's beauty with a bird's eye view through a cable bar ride? You could also rest your eyes on the stunning beauty of Lake Hillier, a lake well known for its colour--pink! Indeed, there's bunch of things you can cross off your bucket list by visiting Australia. But if you don't have "trekking by a pink lake" on your list, then it's one of those goals that you can add and then cross off immediately! Here's a few other destinations you should check out when you visit Australia:

Rottnest Island, West Australia

A short ferry ride from Perth, Rottnest Island is popular for these cute furry animals: the quokka! They're known as the happiest animals on earth. Wanna know why? Come down for a visit and see for yourselves!

Uluru, Northern Territory

A popular Australian landmark, this sandstone monolith is a must-see when you visit the country! The best way to enjoy the view is by watching it during the sunset. See how the rock glows into a fiery red.

Whitehaven Beach, Queensland

Have you ever gone to the beach under a hot summer sky and feel like you're walking on burning coal rather than sand? Summer can be a bummer for our feet, but in Whitehaven Beach the heat isn't much of a problem. Since it's made from 98% silica, the heat isn't retained. That means you can take a stroll any time of the day!

There are a lot more things you should add to your bucket list before heading to Australia. Here are 15 more destinations you should consider.


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