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Waking up early has a bunch of health benefits, not just physically but mentally as well! Here are 7 benefits early birds enjoy:

1. Correlates to better grades

2. Helps sustain a healthier diet

Note: Skipping breakfast is bad because it will incline your body to overeat on your next meal, as well as induce unhealthy cravings.


3. Enhances productivity

Note: You get more time to finish work and your mind is recharged!


4. Improves mental health

Note: By having more time in the morning, it'll be less likely for you to rush and get stressed. Consequently, it's be easier for you to stay positive and optimistic.


5. More time for exercise

Note: By having time in the morning, you would't have to sacrifice evening plans (dinner date, etc) for exercise. 


6. Improves quality of sleep

7. Improves quiet time

Note: Quiet time is a term for having a personal time for meditation and reflection. It is very relevant for decision making.


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