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Ab training requires a lot of discipline, and this includes upping your core workout. You may have done bodyweight ab exercises like planks, bicycles, and crunches. Although these are great, performing it routinely can lose its effectivity. Moreover, to get well-defined abs quickly, you ought to challenge yourself persistently and advance to higher difficulty levels.

Incorporating a resistance bands to your training will be more challenging than your usual bodyweight workout. According to Linda LaRue, who created the Core Transformer class at Equinox Fitness Clubs in Los Angeles, "using a resistance tube boosts the firming power of any ab move."

The Workout:

Instructions and tips:

- Do 2 sets of each move
- Perform all 8 moves three non-consecutive times a week
- Mix the order of moves every time you perform this workout
- Challenge yourself by 1) working your way up to 3 sets and 2) by using a tube with heavier resistance once you feel comfortable with the routine
- When twisting the band into an X shape, twist it twice so that the point of intersection is solid
- Aim to start with the X at belly-button level

Read the full article here (with demonstration of each exercise!):

Equipment needed:

Tube Resistance Band (click the photo for the full list of our bands)


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