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Muscle gain isn’t just about packing up on protein shakes and bicep curls. There’s much more to muscle gain than meets the eye! Your diet and your exercises will adjust according to how much muscle you want to gain. This means that how you eat and what you eat will change. For instance, how much you eat will depend on your metabolism and what you eat should have the right kinds of calories. According to Douglas S. Kalman, Ph.D., R.D. an ideal diet would be something that has 50% carbs, 25% fat, and 25% protein. Speaking of protein, you also gotta get the right amount of protein for muscle repair.

When it comes to exercises, getting bigger means lifting heavier. Deadlifts, squats, and presses are great movements for muscle development. Lifting lighter weights like dumbbells and kettlebells, as well as resistance exercises, are also important to workout varying muscle groups all over your body that will support the big lifts.

This is just a preview of the many facts you have to learn about building muscle! Check out this ARTICLE to get complete information about building muscle.


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