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Warm up your legs and hips with 4 resistance band exercises (this is a good warm up routine for any exercise or sport!):

 1) Lateral Step

Stand in a quarter-squat position. Make sure your feet are parallel and your toes are pointed straight ahead. Keep your back flat and your shoulders pulled back.

Travel sideways in a straight line. Keep going 10 steps out 10 steps back in.

2) Zigzag Step (aka. 45 Degree Step)

Start with your feet together, then step out in a 45 degree angle. Make sure your feet stay parallel the entire time. Zigzag your way forward while tracing the straight line. Move forward 10 steps forward.

On your 10 steps backward, focus on keeping your legs parallel.

3) Tip Toes Stance

Stand upright and on your tip toes. Keep your legs straight, hands around your hips, and your shoulder blades back.

Move forward with smaller steps while following a straight line. Move 10 steps out and 10 steps in.

4) Penguin Steps

Face forward and keep your feet wide and parallel. Keep the tension with the band while moving forward with 10 small steps.

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