Posted by Michael Evans

A wise man once said “You alone can do it but you can’t do it alone.”

Setting up fitness goals is easy but actually going through the process is challenging. Staying committed to a diet and workout plan requires physical and emotional discipline. In fact, although you may progress well in the beginning, results only show when you endure and remain motivated until your goal is reached. The common problem for those who set such goals, however, is the tendency to feel lazy or lose motivation midway through their fitness journey. The next thing you know, you’ve gained more pounds than losing it.

Staying accountable is a great attitude for those who take their fitness goals seriously. Forming a fitness group with your friends is a smart way of keeping yourself disciplined. By keeping track of each other, you’d be able to enforce positive peer pressure that will help you and the rest of your squad to get in shape! Check out this ARTICLE to learn more about how positive peer pressure helps you achieve your fitness goals.


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