Posted by Michael Evans

Cutting down on sugar may sound impossible for a lot of people! Imagine letting go of those Cadbury bars, gummy worms, doughnuts… It’s. Just. Too. Much. Yet, just because it sounds impossible doesn’t mean it actually is impossible. YOU CAN DROP THE SUGAR, PEOPLE. We don’t mean that you’ll completely cut off sugar from your life—that wouldn’t be smart! Sugar is still essential for energy, mood, and brain boosts! In fact, sugar is healthy if taken properly.

Lessening your sugar intake means managing your sugar cravings. One of the most important steps for managing your cravings is figuring out why you take sugar in certain situations. For example: to sooth and calm, to boost energy, or to satisfy a guilty pleasure. Taking these in mind will help you build strategies to cut down on sugar efficiently and effectively. Check out this article to learn more: Here's How To Actually Stop Eating So Much Sugar


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