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How to Do A Pull Up using Resistance Bands 

Your ability to complete a pull up is a good indication of your fitness level. Pull ups trigger your back muscles, biceps, and forearms. If you can do at least one pull up, then you must be in good shape.

A bunch of us, however, find it so hard to do a pull up. Every time we get on the bar, we just end up hanging around (literally). There’s still hope, though! Pull ups is an exercise that can be mastered through training and discipline. One effective way of mastering the pull up is to start with a Strength Power Band, which will assist you as you build strength and get the hang of the exercise. Check out this video to learn how to do Assisted Pull Ups with a Strength Power Bands!

The Strength Power Band is a versatile exercise tool that helps build body strength and power. Moderate-paced movements enable prolonged muscle contractions, while explosive movements enable more powerful contractions. Longterm use of the Strength Power Band will help you perform any functional movement with ease.

Here's a more comprehensive lesson on HOW TO DO A PULL UP (Note: Lesson 3A talks about Assisted Pull Ups!)

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