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If you're planning to get into surfing, you have to learn how to paddle

Paddling is what you do when yore in the water but not riding a wave. It's pretty much all the rest of surfing! Here are a few tips you have to remember:

- Have a good position on the board: The nose of the board should be right above the water, and the board should be flat. This will maximise your glide.

- Make sure your back is arched and your chest is up as you alternate hands between each paddle

- Dig deep with your paddles and try to grab as much water as possible. Keep your arms close to the board and reach out with each stroke. As you pull the water with your hand, do a slight swing under the board to grab even more water.

- Find a nice rhythm.

Paddling can be exhausting but proper resistance training can help improve your paddles. Resistance bands help strengthen the lats and triceps, while also building postural endurance.

Exercise to Improve Paddling:

Use two power bands to complete this exercise. You can order online at Resistance Bands Australia.


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