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What is “skinny fat”? Can someone possibly be skinny and fat at the same time?

First, let’s understand what a skinny fat person looks like. Steve Zim, the owner of A Tighter U Fitness Studio in Culver City, California, enumerated the following characteristics of someone who would be classified as “skinny fat”:

  • Seems like he/she doesn’t have body fat
  • Not eating properly
  • Not working out much
  • No muscle/ very minimal

Most skinny fat people don’t seem fat. In fact, their peers may consider them as just skinny. The funny thing about being skinny fat, however, is that there’s obviously a problem area that’s either easy to hide or is not immediately evident to others (ie. “muffin top bellies” and “saddlebags”).

The best way to lose skinny fat is to gain muscle. Why?—because the muscles will eat the fat.

Muscles are heavier than fat. In fact Zim said that, “one pound of muscle takes up half the space of one pound of fat.” Therefore, when someone loses weight but gains muscle, the number on the scale may not drop significantly. In fact, it might stay on the same number or it might increase in number—not because you got fatter but because you gained muscle. You might ask: “Is this a good thing?” The answer is yes it is! In actuality, skinny fat people will only see actual improvement in their bodies when they lose body fat (not necessarily when they lose weight on the scale).

It's not about your weight. It's about the body fat percentage.

Toning up and building muscle can be achieved with body weight exercises and resistance exercises. Here's a workout you can jumpstart with:

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Learn more about how to lose skinny fat! Check this cool infographic that we found.


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