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If you need shoes for various athletic activities, go for cross training shoes. Cross-training shoes is a versatile option that can meet the needs of the exerciser who likes to mix up her workouts. Here are steps on how to find the perfect pair for you:

Step 1:

Go straight to the cross-training shoe section. Many athletic stores carry various categories such as running, tennis, and basketball shoes. Ignore those and just go straight to the one you need.

Step 2:

Try different brands to see which one fits you best.

Step 3: 

When you're fitting shoes, wiggle your toes (you should be able to fan your toes out). The rule is: there should be a thumbnail's length of space from your toes to the tip of the shoe. Furthermore, the heel should feel secure and supported.

Step 4:

Don't forget to try the shoes on with socks! Even with socks, your feet should feel cushioned, supported, and lightweight enough for physical activities. The feet should also remain stable while moving.

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