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How should you maintain your health in your 20s, 30s, and 40s? Here are a few diet tips to remember:



Scenario: You’re starting to build your life. You’re finally working, dating, and eventually getting married. Everything’s going at a fast pace so it’s very crucial for you to eat healthy as early as your twenties.

Tip: Choose the healthier alternative. If you have to get fast food, get healthy convenience food instead such as instant brown rice, whole wheat pasta, etc. If you’re out for cocktails, get light beer instead (it has less calories!)



Scenario: By this time, you’re most likely juggling the demands of parenthood and career. There’s less leisure time and you’re usually eating on the run.

Tip: Put your health first! You may be tempted to drop everything and eat whatever’s available to satisfy your hunger—but please don’t. At the age of 30, you’ll start to see signs of an unhealthy lifestyle like diabetes and hypertension (this is also why it’s important to start eating right at your 20s). Maintain your health and still choose the healthier alternative.



Scenario: You’re not as busy as when you were in your thirties. There’s more time to invest in health and exercise. However, some women struggle with belly bulges due to estrogen withdrawal. 

Tip: Act smart. To burn belly fat, perform cardio 5x a week and resistance training 2x a week. Only intake 100 calories a day, and get used to eating every 3-4 hours to maintain your metabolism.


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