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Training Aids are useful for workout maximisation. One example of a very common and very useful training aid is the Foam Roller.

What is it for?

Firm foam rollers apply pressure to muscles for relief from tightness. It also improves range of movement and flexibility in your musculature and joints. They are a great way to warm up areas of muscles and release tension within the myofasical ligaments. You do this by using your body weight to apply the pressure to specific targeted areas. Your entire mid to upper back, chest, shoulders, latts, glutes and you’ll find it will decrease trigger points/spot pains within muscles.

Where can I buy one?

You can order at Resistance Bands Australia. All of our products are shipped directly to your door for maximum convenience. We offer Australia-wide shipping to ensure that our products may be delivered to practically any address within mainland Australia, including Tasmania.

If you need any assistance with your purchase, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1300 794 901, or ask us any questions via our live chat on our website. If you are ready to proceed with your order, feel free to place your order over our website at

Check out this beginner's guide on foam rolling! Have fun!




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