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If your back is excessively curved like a C-shape, you most likely have Hyperlordosis.

Hyperlordosis is also referred to as having a significantly arched back. Those who have this often experience lower back pain. Other significant risks are: nerve impingement, join degeneration, muscular tightness, and postural issues.

There are 2 main causes:
1) Tight lover back muscles
2) Weak abdominal muscles


What to avoid: Positions where there is an excessive amount of extension in your lower back 

What to do to fix your Hyperlordosis:
1) Release the tight muscles on your lower back using a massage ball
2) Stretches: 1-minute prayer pose, 1-minute lat stretch, 3-5 reps hip flexor stretch
3) Learn proper breathing
4) Engage your abdominal wall through Dead Bug exercises (this will keep your spine in neutral)
5) Activate glute muscles
7) Learn to stand and sit properly (your rib cage should feel directly into your pelvis)
8) Avoid overhead activities because it is prone to overarching the lower back

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