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Isometric Exercises with Resistance Bands

What is an isometric exercise?

It is an exercise in which a muscle gets contracted but the joint doesn't visibly move (ie. pushing your hands together)

Benefits for golfers:

- Develops downswing muscle strength
- Improves swing speed
- Enables you to hit the gold ball farther


1) Wood Chops

2) Decline Chest Flyes

• Anchor your bands up high
• Go toward the top of your back swing and stretch the bands/cables down to an impact position
• Only use the trail arm from your downswing

(Improves the “pushing/throwing” movement for your golf swing)

3) Lateral Raises

• Position the band down low
• Grab the handle in your setup position with your trail hand, and pull it up toward the top of your back swing

(Strengthens your trail side deltoid, shoulder, and back)

4) Tricep Extensions

Grab the band handle with your rear hand and extend your triceps into your impact position

5) Incline Chest Flyes

• Position the band down low
• Grab the handle with your trail hand at a point where you are just prior to impact and extend it up toward the follow-through

(Improves the trail chest)

6) Cross-Body Lat Pull Down

Do a cycle using the lead arm from your downswing.

(Focuses on your back and lats and your golf swing “pull”)




Equipment: Tube bands from Resistance Bands Australia

Product features:

• Strong metal clip system to create a hassle free stackable effect on your handles or ankle straps

• Bands of equal lengths with 5 resistance variances of:
Yellow: 2 - 4kg
Green: 3.5 - 5.5kg
Red: 5 - 8kg
Blue: 6.5 - 9kg
Black: 8.5 - 12.5kg

• Band length from handle to handle is 170cms

• Huge resistance level scope by combining up to 5 bands simultaneously

• No additional accessories required – the kit provides everything you need to get going – from starter guide through to door anchor a pair of handles and ankle strap. Plus a carry bag for a no excuses, take anywhere approach

• Manufacturer’s 12 month maximum warranty





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