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Jump start Your Resistance Band Workout Today! 

Don’t know where to start with your workout? Here’s how you can jumpstart with us!

The first thing you have to do before starting a Resistance Bands workout program is to find your fitness level. It’s like a diagnostic test that will help you understand the areas that you will need to give more attention to when you start a workout plan. You’d definitely want to have a fitness goal before working out. To ensure results, it’s best to test your upper body, lower body, and core strength, as well as your functional and cardiovascular fitness first. This will be the benchmark that you will work from (you could make a fitness journal to keep track of your progress).

The MeFit’s Body Blitz Boot Camp Fitness Test is a 6-week workout program to that will help you shed any unwanted body fat and get fit within the shortest amount of training time possible while giving you maximum fitness results under the supervision of the most qualified personal trainers around. The video below is a FREE Fitness Test, which you will also find when you purchase the program.

The exercises in this video are:
(watch the video for the demonstration!)

Warm Up:
High Knees
Jumping Jacks
Drop Squats
Push Ups

Push Ups
Horizontal Pull
Drop Squats
Anchored Sit Ups (variation: Half crunch or Full Sit up)


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Exercise Mat

Your fitness journey has already begun, so keep going! You can check our Youtube Channel for FREE workout demonstrations or head on to our website to purchase your own Workout Program.

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