Posted by Michael Evans

How do you know if you are eating enough calories to achieve your fitness goal?

Calories are basically units of energy (Wikipedia definition!) We need calories so that our bodies will keep functioning. In fact, every single act we do requires energy—this includes everything from breathing, to thinking, to blinking, to running, dancing, singing, etc. The more active you are, the more calories you’ll need for energy. This means not everyone has the same calorie limit to maintain, lose, and/or gain weight. For example: a 24 year-old woman, 5’4 tall, 118lbs heavy, and is moderately active will need 1969 calories/day to maintain her weight. On the other hand, a 24 year-old man, 5’10 tall, 125lbs heavy, and is moderately active will need 2423 calories/day to maintain his weight. To learn more about calories and how to manage it, check out This Is How Many Calories You Actually Need.


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