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Are you in need of mini resistance bands Australia? You can find exactly what you need here at RBA, as we supply the highest of quality products to our customers all over Australia. Our products, which include resistance bands, therapy bands, strength power bands, packages, training aids and accessories, are made with a long-lasting and reliable design to ensure that they provide users with years and years of use.

These mini resistance bands Australia may be incorporated into your workout to give you those benefits that you are so deserving of, as they will definitely enable you to get the most out of your workout.

Mini Resistance Bands Australia

What Are Our Main Products?

1. Tube Exercise Bands:

* Different levels of resistance determined by colour coding
* Lightweight and convenient workout equipment
* Made from highest quality rubber for maximum lifetime and durability
* Perfect for an ideally flexible home workout or when on-the-go
* Sculpt your entire body, increase your energy levels and improve your balance

2. Therapy Bands:

* Two choices: loop bands or regular bands
* Three colour-coded resistance levels to choose from
* Made using high standard rubber to ensure tough, easy-to-use design
* Enhance fitness, injury rehabilitation and day-to-day exercise routine

3. Strength Power Bands:

* Choice of up to 5 resistance levels through colour coding
* Natural rubber make-up ensures ultimate resistance and durability
* Perfect exercise equipment to assist with toning and strengthening the body
* Ideal for Cross Fit, functional training and outdoor training routines

Mini Resistance Bands Australia

How Do Our Customers Rate Us?

Mini Resistance Bands Australia

For more information on mini resistance bands Australia, speak to our friendly customer support staff by phoning 1300 794 901 or through our live chat on our  website.

You may place your order over the phone, or via our website at for maximum convenience.

Mini Resistance Bands Australia


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