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Do you ever catch yourself eating way too much? There are many triggers that lead to overeating. The following are some of the common culprits that you have to be mindful of:

You're not eating enough carbohydrates/protein
If you're restricting yourself to eating nothing but salad greens, you ought to be careful not to neglect important carbohydrates and/or protein. Carbohydrates actually give energy that fuel your brain and muscles, while protein enables you to feel satisfied. Without these, you will most likely end up feeling tired and hungry, and this will incline you to eat more..and more..and more..

What you can add to your salad:
Carbs: Quinoa, beans, sweet potatoes, corn or peas
Healthy protein: eggs, beans, chicken, shrimp or edamame

You're putting yourself in situations where it's so easy to give in to unhealthy (processed) food
"Out of sight, out of mind." It's certainly tempting to eat junk food when it's the first thing you see on your counter. Remedy this by placing healthy snacks like fruits and vegetables instead to prevent you from eating junk.

You multitask
Eating while doing something else distracts your body from realising that you're actually full, hence you end up eating more than you actually should. You ought to change your eating experience by setting aside time and immersing yourself in the appropriate environment to avoid this kind of problem.

You aren't drinking enough water
Sometimes your body confuses thirst for hunger. To avoid this, always be mindful and sip water throughout the day. Also drink a glass of water before and after meals.



There are loads of reasons for overeating. The great news is there are loads of solutions to avoid this problem as well. Overcoming overeating requires change in habits and behaviour. Read the FULL ARTICLE about overeating and how to stop here:



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