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Most gym enthusiasts pack up on energy before working out in order to achieve the maximum benefits of each session. The 2 of the most popular energy sources are pre workout supplements and coffee

Pre-workout supplements enhances performance

- Increases energy levels, endurance levels, and muscle power during the workout session
- Supplements have ingredients that increase blood flow in the body, speed up the heartbeat, and improve mental focus (it also makes your skin tingle)
- Improves muscle performance

Note: Supplements do not make the person faster, bigger, or stronger. Instead, supplements simply provide individuals with an edge if they push themselves to the maximum limit.

Coffee is a good alternative to pre-workout supplements 

- Increases energy
- Improves mental focus
- Caffeine also increases the rate of metabolism, which enables the body to burn calories throughout the day
- When coffee is consumed before an exercise session, it causes the fat cells to burn and function as the source of energy instead of glycogen
- Coffee is an appetite suppressant 

Conclusion: Both pre-workout supplements and coffee are effective sources of energy. What matters is your preference. Feel free to figure out which of the two is more suitable for you.

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