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Resistance Band Exercises of the Week - Horizontal Push

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Resistance Bands Australia Exercise of the Week - Horizontal Push


Exercise of the Week - Horizontal Push

This week's exercise, the Horizontal Push, builds chest, tricep and shoulder strength, whilst also toning these areas to give you that ideal physique you're pursuing.

The implementation of this exercise into your workout will require finding a smooth anchor point to attach the exercise Tube band to, or alternatively if you are situated in an outdoor setting, you will be able to make use of the utility strap by attaching it to a rough setting and then attaching the resistance band through the strap.

Position yourself so that your back is facing the attachment point of the band, with one grip held in either hand, so that you are situated inside the resistance band set up.

Ensure you are holding each of the grips at the correct height, and place your feet in either a square stance press position, or a split stance press position for increased stability and heavier resistances. For each of these positions, make sure you are soft in your lower body, with both your knees and hips slightly bent.

Also, remember to breathe out as you push the bands outwards.

Watch this video for a visual demonstration of this exercise: Resistance Bands Australia Exercise Of The Week - Horizontal Push

The Ultimate Resistance Band System is ideal for this exercise set up. This product comes complete with seven bands of varying resistance, cushioned foam handles, a door anchor and carrying case, plus a started guide to help you get started.

The varying resistance levels from 0.9 to 18kgs will allow you to move up in resistance as you build muscle, increase strength and progress in workout level from a beginner to an expert user.

Resistance Bands Australia Exercise of the Week - Horizontal Push

If you do require the Utility Strap for attachments to rough, outdoor settings, this can be purchased here: Resistance Band Utility Strap.


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Resistance Bands Australia Exercise of the Week - Horizontal Push


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Resistance Bands Australia Exercise of the Week - Horizontal Push


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