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Working out is best enjoyed with a buddy. Friends can motivate you to up your game and complete more challenging workouts that you never would have considered in the first place. Here are 3 resistance bands core exercises that you can do with a friend:

Equipment needed: one tube resistance bands


General note:
- Each person will hold either handle of the band
- Create resistance by stepping back (the father you are from each other, the greater the resistance)


Side-skip Twist

1. Step to your right
2. Pivot and rotate to the side
Skip as you pivot to create a dynamic movement

Tip: Figure out each other’s rhythm


Jump Squat Row

1. Get into squat position
2. Slightly rotate your upper and middle back (utilize the rotation to bring you up and down)
Jump to create a dynamic movement


Transverse Twist

- One person will perform the twist while the other will assist
- The one assisting will experience the most challenge

1. BOTH: Step your left leg forward
2. The person on one end will rotate to the side, while person on the other end will assist by staying in position (use your core to keep yourself stable!)

Check out this video for a full demonstration:

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