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Resistance Bands Sydney: Top Resistance Packages

Resistance bands are strength-training tools that are also useful for muscle toning, weight loss, and injury rehabilitation. It is a compact and portable workout solution that’s perfect for people who are always on the go. Two popular variants of fitness bands are resistance tubes, power bands and loop bands. We offer 3 packages that feature resistance tubes and the loop bands: Ultimate Resistance Bands System Plus Guide and Bag, Advanced Pro Loop Bands Set of 3, and Strong Man Set Of 6 Plus Guide And Bag. These packages are currently our bestselling exercise tools in Sydney, Australia.


Ultimate Resistance Band System Plus Guide And Bag

5 stars
Phillip W, March 24 2017
“Shipped quickly and quality bands Thanks again for shipping my purchase out within 2 days! I've been using my new ultimate system with the 6 week program now for 3 weeks and loving the set up and nutrition plan that comes with it. Wouldn't hesitate to refer people to your store.”

5 stars
Peter Dekrey, December 16 2016
“Very impressed with it all. Really enjoy using the bands. I like the low injury risk side of it. Suitable for all ages, I'm 74.”

5 stars
Steve Evan, December 14 2016
“Perfect workout System to train with at home and I've even used this product down at my local beach! So good. The 6 week program is so awesome! I've already lost 5 kilos in 3 weeks using the diet plan and exercise program given for free! Such a quality product and the Program has been the best I've ever seen. Highly recommend this company.”

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Advanced Pro Loop Resistance Bands Set Of 3

5 stars
Steve Evan, May 18 2017
“Great Customer Service when I purchased and such good quality product. I've been using my bands now for 2 weeks and they still look new! Thanks again.”

5 stars
Adam Hollis, March 27 2017
“I've heard about these bands in assisting workouts, with no experience using them. They helped and assisted very well and also seem like a great product. Cheers.”

5 stars
Chris B, September 28 2016
“I bought this for assisted pull ups and it works perfect. I'm 5'9" 90kgs and this set was a perfect fit to help just enough; but not too much. Another must for any home gym that has somewhere to put it. Thanks for selling these bands in a set...because I started of using all 3 and now I'm down to using just the heaviest. Thanks so much for putting together a great package of bands.”

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Strong Man Set Of 6 Plus Guide And Bag

5 stars
Michael Ford, May 16 2017
“Fantastic service. I had a few different requests when ordering the fitness bands. I ordered them for my son recovering from shoulder surgery and it has helped him tremendously. I would recommend these products and the company service.”

5 stars
Nathan Cahill, April 27 2017
“I have been a serious athlete and weightlifter for years but needed an alternative having had a heart attack at the gym lifting weights!! So I turned to these guys and it has given me something to do at home that is gentle but at the same time gives a great work out and keeps the muscle. Mike went out of his way to help customise a few things I needed given I am advanced. What has surprised me is the quality of the products. Super tough. Even my dog could not get through them.”

5 stars
Pooja Biswas, April 12 2017
“Very easy to use for a beginner. I had no previous experience with resistance bands but these give me the perfect amount of resistance for my strength level. I would also like to express my appreciation for the staff who answered my questions and enabled me to buy bands of the right weight.”

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