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Thinking about getting a single band but still unsure about which one to buy? Have no fear, a complete guide to our Single Resistance Bands (with door anchor) is here!

Just a tip for first-time buyers: It's smart to purchase one lighter band and one heavier band because having both will give you more workout options. A lighter band is good for exercising smaller muscle groups while a heavier band is good for exercising larger muscle groups.

You can choose from the ff:

0.5-2kg (Yellow)

1-3kg (Blue)

4-6kg (Green)

6-9kg (Black)

11-14kg (Red)

13-16kg (Orange)

18-23kg (Purple)


Resistance Bands Australia is the leading online retailer in the country. If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1300 794 901 or via live chat on our website. If you are ready to proceed with your order, feel free to place your order at




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