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According to Dr. Larry Van Such from, exercising the hip flexor muscles is a quick and strategic way to develop sprinting speed.


The exercise below is an isometric training strategy wherein instead of performing repetitions, the band is stretched at a predetermined distance for 10-15 seconds using between 70-80 % of your maximum strength. This workout will engage your hip flexors and knee extensors.

STEP 1: Wrap the band on the foot of a pole/bench/etc (keep it low)

STEP 2: Put your leg in

STEP 3: Move forward to create tension with the band

STEP 4: Lift your leg up

STEP 5: Lift your leg forward and hold for 10-15 seconds using only 70-80% of your maximum strength

STEP 6: Switch legs (do the exact same thing on the opposite leg)

UP THE CHALLENGE! Once you feel to comfortable with just one band, increase more bands to your workout. The instructions are exactly the same but the difficulty level with definitely be more challenging.

You can add as many bands as you like.

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