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Swim strong by building your strength and working on your core. Here are a couple of exercises you should include in your training:


Russian Twists

- This rotational core exercises helps you build stability by engaging your abs and obliques

Photo from GetZoomPerformance


Flutter Kicks

- There are 2 ways to do this: 1) on your back and 2) on your stomach
- This will improve your swim kicks and balance by engaging your abs, back, glutes, and shoulders

Photos from GetZoomPerformance


Resistance Pull

- Using a resistance tube band, create pulling movements with your arms
- This improves your catch and pull swimming strokes 

Photo from GetZoomPerformance

Watch the full workout demonstration below!

The following are 4 core exercises taken from

(Click on the site for full workout description)

Reverse Wood Chops

Photo from


X-Crunch Up

Photo from


Superman Plank

Photo from


Towel Slides

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