• Surfing Etiquette: 5 Do's and Don'ts You Must Remember!

    Posted by Michael Evans

    Australia is one of the most popular surfing destinations around the world! Surfing on the Gold Coast, which is known for high waves (around 12 ft), is a common bucket list item. Before getting in the water, beginners (and even veterans) should be familiar with surfing etiquette. These do's and don'ts are crucial to ensure safety and fun in the ocean.

    Rule 1: Right of way

    The surfer closest to the peak of the wave has the right of way. This means if you’re paddling for a right, and a surfer on your left is also paddling for it, you must yield to him/her. 

    Rule 2: Don't drop in

    Dropping in is when someone with the right of way is either about to take off on a wave or is already riding a wave, and you also take off on the same wave in front of him or her. This blocks his ride down the line. This is annoying and dangerous.

    Rule 3: Don't snake

    “Snaking” is when a surfer paddles around another surfer in order position himself to get the right of way for a wave. He is effectively making a big “S” around a fellow surfer.

    Rule 4: Don't ditch your board

    Always try to keep in contact with your board otherwise it might hit surrounding people. Therefore, if you’re paddling out and a wall of whitewater is coming, you can't just throw your board away and dive under. Try duck diving or turtle roll.



    Rule 5: Paddle properly

    Don’t paddle straight through a packed lineup. Paddle out through the channel where the waves aren’t breaking and people aren’t surfing.

    When paddling back out, don't paddle in front of someone riding a wave. Instead, paddle behind them. 

    Read the full article here: http://www.surfinghandbook.com/knowledge/surfing-etiquette/

  • Awesome Places You Probably Didn't Know About in Melbourne

    Posted by Michael Evans

    How well do you know Melbourne? Take a piece of paper and cross out the places that you've visited (or, at least, have heard of) to see if you really know Victoria's most populous city state.

    • Montsalvat, Eltham
    Fun fact: Australia's oldest artists' colony, rich with art, culture, and exhibits

    • Organ Pipes National Park, Keilor North
    Fun fact: The organ pipe structure was formed from dried up molten lava

    • Yarravile Gardens, Yarraville
    Fun fact: This is the perfect place for family picnics and playing with your dogs

    Pound Bend Reserve, Warrandyte
    Fun fact: A water bank by a tunnel outlet built in the late 1800s to alter the course of the Yarra River

    Cook's Cottage, East Melbourne
    Fun fact: This is the oldest building in Australia, which was the home of Captain James Cook when he stayed in the country

    We enumerated 5 places. Out of 5, how many did you cross out? There's 22 more places you can learn about IN THIS ARTICLE. Check it out and make sure to visit the places you haven't gone to! 

  • Australian Destinations to Add to Your Bucketlist

    Posted by Michael Evans

    Whether it's up north or down south, there are definitely awesome places to visit in Australia! Have you ever travelled on a camel's back? Or how about savouring nature's beauty with a bird's eye view through a cable bar ride? You could also rest your eyes on the stunning beauty of Lake Hillier, a lake well known for its colour--pink! Indeed, there's bunch of things you can cross off your bucket list by visiting Australia. But if you don't have "trekking by a pink lake" on your list, then it's one of those goals that you can add and then cross off immediately! Here's a few other destinations you should check out when you visit Australia:

    Rottnest Island, West Australia

    A short ferry ride from Perth, Rottnest Island is popular for these cute furry animals: the quokka! They're known as the happiest animals on earth. Wanna know why? Come down for a visit and see for yourselves!

    Uluru, Northern Territory

    A popular Australian landmark, this sandstone monolith is a must-see when you visit the country! The best way to enjoy the view is by watching it during the sunset. See how the rock glows into a fiery red.

    Whitehaven Beach, Queensland

    Have you ever gone to the beach under a hot summer sky and feel like you're walking on burning coal rather than sand? Summer can be a bummer for our feet, but in Whitehaven Beach the heat isn't much of a problem. Since it's made from 98% silica, the heat isn't retained. That means you can take a stroll any time of the day!

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  • Fun Ways to Exercise in Brisbane

    Posted by Michael Evans

    Exercising is always fun! There are many imaginative ways to move your body and break a sweat! In Brisbane, there's a bunch of exercises you can try. From Quidditch (yep, I mean Harry Potter Quidditch) to sober dancing in the dark, to trampoline workouts, you will surely run out of excuses from getting off your bed and engaging those muscles! Don't believe us? Check these out---

    Quidditch, City Botanic Gardens

    No Lights No Lycra, West End & Windsor

    SkyZone, Macgregor

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  • Places To Explore in Australia this Winter

    Posted by Michael Evans

    You don't have to be stuck at home during winter! There are a bunch of places to enjoy during the cold! Australia is a pretty swell place to be in, especially when you have pink lakes, ranges, and dreamlike sunsets! Check out some of our favourite winter spots.

    Pink Lake, Western Australia

    No need to swim here! Take a walk or a boat tour and marvel at the expansive beauty of God's creation!

    The Freycinet National Park, Tasmania

    Take a peaceful trekk and rest in the comforts of nature. This is a great place for those who just want an intimate walk with friends, family, and God.

    Mind Beach, Darwin Northern Territory

    Each waking day, there's always something to look forwards to--sunsets. Sunsets are always new. Its beauty is always available. Every day we can find pleasure in it despite the hustle and bustle of life. Head on to Mindi Beach for good view but if you can't, just head on to your window. God has a great way of exposing His grace through everyday things like the sun, moon, and the stars.

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