• 5 Resistance Band Workouts for Upper Body

    Posted by Michael Evans


    -Use a door anchor to secure your tube band (top of the door)
    -Grip both handles 
    -Stand back to give yourself enough resistance 
    -Create a split stance (one leg forward, other leg back) 
    -Pull your arms to your chest


    -Use a door anchor to secure your tube band (shoulder to hip height)
    -Grip both handles 
    Stand back to give yourself enough resistance 
    -Twist your body to the other side (180 degree turn), creating a chopping movement

    * Perform this exercise on each side


    -Use a door anchor to secure your tube fitness exercise band (bottom of the door) 
    -Grip both handles 
    -Stand back to give yourself enough resistance (but not too far back) 
    -Pull the tube stackable band up and turn it around (circular movement)

    * Alternating movements


    -Wrap the exercise band on the bottom of the post 
    -Get a grip of the band with both hands (hands are next to each other) 
    -Stand back to give yourself enough resistance 
    -Bend down, move your bottom back, flatten your back, and then pull up (similar to a kettle bell swing) 

    *You can opt to pull up until shoulder or chest height


    -Wrap your power band around a smooth surface
    -Get a grip of the band with both hands, making a triangular shape 
    -Stand back to give yourself enough resistance 
    -Row your arms (squeeze your shoulderblades along the process)


    Tube fitness bands with handles and door anchor

    Power Bands

  • From Zero to Hero: 2 Tips on Exercising Effectively

    Posted by Michael Evans

    Remember when Hercules trained with Phil in the 1997 cartoon classic? Hercules wanted to be a “true hero” and of course, that meant being physically strong enough to save people. Though Hercules is a fictional character, a lot of us have a similar dilemma: we want to be physically strong for a purpose. Perhaps you want to look and feel good, or you want to perform better at a certain sport, or you simply want to be able enough to do everyday things that require good strength such as refilling a water dispenser. The bottom line is physical strength is important but it doesn’t come automatically—you have to work for it!

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    What will it take to get from zero to hero?

    First, ask for help. Did Hercules train on his own?—No he didn’t! Instead, he looked for a trainer to help him out. In our personal journey to fitness, there’s often a temptation to just stick to what we know about exercising and expect good results. Thus many of us fall into a routine that eventually bore us out. You can’t swim 20 freestyle laps forever! You can’t jog in the same street for 20 minutes forever! Variety is key to great and satisfying exercises. How do you do that?—again, ask for help.

    Trainers are helpful. You can choose between a personal trainer or a virtual trainer (virtual meaning you’re following a trainer on Youtube or a fitness app). They will give you workouts to follow along with demonstrations. Check out personal trainer Mike Evans from Resistance Bands Australia below:

    Support from loved ones like friends and family is also crucial. They’re like the energy boosts to your success! When Hercules trained, Pegasus never left his side—isn’t that amazing! Real support comes from real people (or a flying horse—just kidding). Many times we fall into thoughts like “I can do it on my own” or “I don’t need anyone to succeed.” Although it is true that we ought be independent in a way that we don’t cling our worth and progress on other people, it is through the support of others than we find lasting endurance. This is called accountability. When we stay accountable to others regarding our desires for physical progress as well as our actual progress, they become support systems or support groups that are in the disposition to encourage us and celebrate with us when we achieve a goal. They can also rebuke us and discipline us when we fall into laziness.

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    “Exercise buddies” are effective support groups. Perhaps you can start one with your friends today and schedule morning workouts 3 times a week. You’ll be surprised at how fun working out can be when it’s enjoyed with friends/family!

    Here's a little pick-me-upper. :)