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It's smart to consider your fitness goal in order to determine what kind of exercise band to buy. There are 4 common kinds of resistance bands, power bands, loop bands, and therapy bands.

  • Tube Resistance Bands
    Ideal for full body workouts. It's good for sculpting every muscle group of your body: shoulders, arms, chest, back, abs/core, hips and thighs. Furthermore, will allow you to effectively train both upper and lower body parts in the one workout or isolate certain muscles.
  • Strength Power Bands:
    Ideal for Functional Training and CrossFit workout programs, resistance training, assisting with pullup, chin-ups, etc.

  • Loop Bands
    Ideal for injury rehabilitation and general fitness use. It is commonly used for (but not limited to) legs, hips, and buttocks exercises. This is a good addition to your everyday workout routine.

  • Therapy Bands
    Ideal for injury rehabilitation, assistance to weight loss, and overall fitness improvement. It is also a handy Pilates apparatus, which involves toning, stretching, and muscle strengthening exercises.

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