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Here are some cool facts about Resistance Bands Training VS Dead Weights Training from Darrin Crowder:

- They don't play havoc on your joints like weights can

- You can duplicate almost any movement

"I am able to duplicate almost every movement I use in my sport. I do competitive Jujitsu, and in my age I need to have explosive power and I need to duplicate that in an exercise--you can't do that with weights. Something that is limited by gravity, you can cheat. You can provoke injury. [Resistance bands] are much less likely to do that. With bands, there is no cheating. It's completely isolated or complete body movements, whichever way you wanna do it."

- It promotes isolated body workouts, therefore providing better and faster results compared to dead weights

- It not only tones muscles but it improves power

"Once you get at it for a while, you will really start working with it, you will see you can duplicate anything you wanna do, even better with the stretching of the band because when the band stretches it becomes more difficult -- and thats where you develop explosive power. Thats something you can't duplicate with dead weights.

There are 4 common types of Resistance Bands:

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