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Resistance Bands Australia offers a variety of top quality products for Brisbane customers! Shipping is FREE. Delivery takes about 5 business days. Check out some of our top-selling items.

Ultimate Band System

This features premium latex tubing that ensures a safe workout without excess force of gravity, which may harm your joints. It helps build core strength, tone up your entire body, increase your energy levels, develop bone mass, and improve your balance. The Ultimate Resistance Band System works upon 3 key aspects: increase muscle mass, full body toning, and increase your fat burning potential. Depending on the level of resistance you use, you can focus on muscle building or toning up. 

7 bands included: 
Yellow ~2 - 4kg 
Green ~3.5 - 5.5kg 
Red ~5 - 8kg 
Blue ~6.5 - 9kg 
Black ~8.5 - 12.5kg 
Orange ~10 - 15.5kg 
Purple ~15 - 20.5kg 

Length: 170 cm 

No additional accessories required – the Ultimate kit provides everything you need to get going: 
Starter Guide 
2 door anchors 
2 sets of handles 
2 ankle straps 
Carry bag

Advanced Pro Loop Bands Set of 3

Made from natural rubber, each band measures 100cm in length ranging from 29mm, 19mm, and 12mm in width. Loop bands are is ideal for crossfit routines, functional training routines, outdoor training set ups, assisted chin-ups, and increased resistance when weight lifting

Red (12mm) 4.5 – 16kg 
Black (19mm) 16 – 22.6kg 
Purple (29mm) 18 – 36kg

Set of 3 Therapy Bands

The three therapy stretch resistance bands by Black Mountain Products are made using a highly durable, top quality rubber and are 99% latex free. It comes in 3 resistance levels: light, medium, and heavy. It is ideal for a variety of needs including, but not limited to, injury rehabilitation, assistance with weight loss, general overall fitness, use as a Pilates apparatus, for the toning and strengthening of muscles, and for stretching. 

If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1300 794 901 or send us a message via live chat on our website:


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