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Let’s get one thing straight: the sexiest and strongest people alive weren’t born with hardcore abs and unbelievable power. Just like the rest of us, their fitness journey started somewhere. Michael Phelps started to learn how to swim at 7 years old. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson started his road to fitness after getting invited to play football for his high school. The main point is: Everyone’s gotta start somewhere to get somewhere.

Here’s a tip: Fitness begins in the mind

You can’t act on something you haven’t considered doing. Similar to the principles of marketing, you consider the product first before proceeding to purchase. Thus, here’s something to think about: What are the things you ought to consider before jumping into the road to fitness? Another way of saying this in a non-question form is count the cost first. Are you willing to give up some things for fitness?

Generally, the cost is your comfort. Yup, getting fit won’t be easy-peasy. You gotta sweat! You gotta burn! You gotta eat right! You gotta run! ---But it’s not as bad as it sounds. In fact, if you stick to this you will grow into it over time. Plus, getting fit doesn’t have to come as a shock—you can start with baby steps. For example, switching to a healthy diet doesn’t mean completely throwing all your junk food in one go. Instead, you can moderate your intake by limiting consumption to 3 times a week and measuring how much of it you’d eat on those days. Alternately, you may simply switch to organic chips.

Here’s a basic cheat sheet to bring home:

Once you’ve understood and accepted the cost of leading a new and healthy lifestyle, you may proceed to actual execution.

What about workouts?

You can start with body-weight workouts. Here’s one you can try this week!

If you feel strong and you prefer something more challenging, you can grab a power band for resistance. Check the workout below!

Power bands (otherwise known as resistance bands) are very easy to use. It is light, portable, and versatile. You can recreate numerous functional movements with it unlike other exercise equipment that's limited to a few movements. Click here to learn more about power bands!


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