About Resistance Bands Australia

Resistance Bands Australia is a small Sydney-based company born out of a desire to bring a range of exciting fitness products to the World Wide market. We endeavour to provide you with easy access to top quality, value-for-money equipment in order to best assist you strive for your health and fitness goals.

We want our customers to be assured that with Resistance Bands Australia our integrity is important to us, so if we put our name to it, we'll stand by it.
Resistance bands Australia director Mike Evans is a dynamic, passionate individual who is dedicated to the pursuit of a healthy balanced lifestyle. Not just a lifestyle for those gym junkies with the time to dedicate but the kind that has the versatility to encompass him, his family, his clients and anyone keen to embark on the journey.

Mike is an industry professional. A qualified personal trainer for over 10 years, he is well-versed in creating exercise regimes both in a fitness environment and one that can be carried effectively into everyday life. His broad knowledge allows him to be shrewd about what Resistance Bands Australia offers so you can have confidence in your purchase. 

So why have we at Resistance Bands Australia specifically chosen our range of products? Because they're awesome, basically! We love the no compromise, high-quality manufacture of our range, the durability, the effectiveness, the ease of use - we're behind our choices 100%.

We know first hand how important it is to trust your training partner, whether it's a piece of equipment or apparatus, your trainer or a mate. Injuries can easily set you back months, even years, and includes frustrating ramifications for your lifestyle outside your training regime. It's vital you have a high quality piece of equipment and understand how to use it properly.

So if we can't back it, we won't stock it.

We're quietly confident you'll rate our range as much as we do!

Resistance Bands Australia is owned and operated by Resistance Bands Australia ABN: 33 133 739 456 which is proudly an Australian company situated in Sydney, NSW.