Warm up – 5-10min - Dynamic and lower body stretch

Moving - Dynamic Warm ups 20sec work /On the Spot - Dynamic Movement 10-20sec // Jog, jog and touch floor, high knees, toy soldiers, walking lunge lateral stretch / hands walking out with power pikes, front squat BW / stretch lower body 2min

Workout – Basic Conditioning  - Time Approx: 30min    

Goals: Enhance basic conditioning levels

Station 1 – Equipment needed – Stop watch, resistance bands, something to anchor feet to floor (this station is the time keeper for Station 2)

Then...Reverse Pyramid Rounds – 1st 20reps - 2nd 15reps - 3rd 12reps - 4th 10reps / Round So, 1st round through is 20reps, 2nd round 15reps, 3rd 12reps and 4th 10reps

(make sure time how long it takes you to complete this station) 

  • Power Band Horizontal Push
  • Power Band Front Squats                                                 
  • Power Band Horizontal Rows
  • Anchored Sit ups Twists - Left and then Right = 2reps 

Station 2 – (AMRAP for as long as it took you to complete station 1) 

  • 100m Run or Jog on spot for 30sec
  • 20 Walking Lunges
  • 15 Left side – Lateral Power Band Wood Chops L
  • 15 Right side – Lateral Power Band Wood Chops R 

Take 20-30sec Rest if needed 

Coaching Focus 

We launch the first phase of the season by introducing you to new exercises geared to enhance their basic conditioning levels. Focus on continuous, controlled movements rather than high reps. Start today by reviewing the Exercises. 

Warm Up 

Take a moment to review the formula for today’s warm up. Review any of the exercises needed.  Begin and make all adjustments as they perform the warm up. 


The focus for this workout is control. There are two stations. Station 1 works as follows. Complete Reverse Pyramid Rounds of 20reps of each listed exercises, 15reps, 12reps and another round of 10reps through as quickly as possible. Once complete move to station 2. AMRAP for as long as it took you to complete station 1 etc. Start this station off with a 100m run followed by 20 walking lunges, 15 Left side – Lateral Power Band Wood Chops L, 15 Right side – Lateral Power Band Wood Chops R and repeat until the time is up! 

The workout is complete once both stations have been performed. Allow a few moments to set up and practice each exercise then begin. Allow 30min maximum workout time.

Coaching Tips Correct positioning and attention to detail is what helps us create great results.