Resistance Bands Australia – Body Blitz Boot Camp – Week 2 Day B 

Warm up – Dynamic and lower body stretch

Moving - Dynamic Warm ups 20sec work /On the Spot - Dynamic Movement 10-20sec // Jog studio, jog and touch floor , toy soldiers / hands walking out with power pikes, high knees, drop squats,  shoe touches / stretch lower body 2min

Workout  Name: Improve Basic Conditioning
Time Aprox: 30min Actual Total Time: 30min
Station 1 (Equipment needed – skipping, Resistance Bands)

100 Jump Rope or on the spot cardio for 30-45sec or 50 jump jacks
25 Drop Squats                                           
20 Resistance Band High Rows with alternating reverse lunges (anchor band at high point)

15 Resistance Band Swings (anchor band at low point)
10 Shoe touches L/R= 1rep  
11min AMRAP - Approx 3 rounds
Station 2 (Equipment needed – Power Bag or dead weight (ie - DB or plate to press overhead and for rotations)

20 Resistance Band Shoulder Press Overhead
20 Mountain Climbers L&R = 1 rep
20 Resistance Band Around the worlds L&R = 2reps (anchor band at low point)               20 Plank Spiders L/R = 2 reps
11min AMRAP - Approx 3 rounds
Coaching Focus
To take you through a challenging workout that focuses on conditioning. We want to explore the effects of how to spend and save energy levels while performing this workout. 
Warm Up
Quickly review the formula for today’s warm up then begin. Make all adjustments as they perform the warm ups.
There are two stations. Begin with station one and you will perform 100 Jump rope or on the spots cardio for approx 30-45sec followed immediately by 25 drop squats, 20 Resistance Band high rows, 15 band swings and finally 10 Shoe Touches L & R = 1rep for a 11min period doing the As, Many, Reps/Rounds, As, Possible (AMRAP). Once complete you will continue on with station two.
Station 2 works with same format as station 1 using the listed exercises.
Allow a few minutes to practice. Once satisfied begin.
Always ensure perfect technique!
Coaching Tips

  • Be sure that you always have the discipline to stop when need to, rest and reset then begin again.
  • Be sure to restate the integrity as you fatigue, through discipline in correct technique the body will adapt and fitness will come.